Manufacturer: Orthobion

Approach: Anterior

Product type: Cervical cage

Material: PEEK; Titânio

Conditions: Spinal stenosis - Degenerative disease - Degenerative disc disease

Anatomical regions: Cervical

Procedures: Arthrodesis - Anterior stabilization


The TSC cage, is designed with the Award Winning FGOIC Ti technology (Fine Grained Osseo Integrative Coating of Titanium).
FGOIC Ti is a unique surface technology that forms the perfect blend of PEEK and Titanium. By tailoring the properties of the biomaterial’s surface with micro- and nano-structures, Orthobion was able to engineer a biomimetic imprint, where the interaction between the biomaterial and the bio-environment were optimized, causing for a desired behavior from both cells and proteins, in bone formation needs.

Key Facts:

FGOIC Technology

Anatomical shape and lordotic cages

Primary acute fixation

Large window


Folder: ACIF Orthobion

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