Manufacturer: Vexim

Approach: Posterior

Product type: Implant

Conditions: Osteoporosis - Spinal fractures

Anatomical regions: Thoracic - Lumbar

Procedures: Kyphoplasty


The intravertebral SpineJack® implant was developed for a specific purpose: for the anatomical restoration of vertebral compression fractures caused by an excessive craniocaudal unidirectional compression force. To reduce these VCFs, the SpineJack® initially deploys a controlled opposing craniocaudal unidirectional distraction force while preserving the surrounding bone trabeculae as much as possible. Once the fracture has been reduced, the SpineJack® maintains the restoration of the fracture before cement injection.

Key Facts:

  • Controlled craniocaudal expansion
  • VCF type A1, A2 and A3 (AO Classification)
  • Preservation of bone trabeculae
  • 3 sizes available

SpineJack Animation

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