Manufacturer: Bioceramed

Product type: Biomaterials

Material: Chitosan; Hidroxyapatite

Conditions: Spinal fractures - Trauma - Spine instability

Anatomical regions: Cervical - Thoracic - Lumbar - Sacral

Procedures: Arthrodesis - Cranioplasty - Craniofacial reconstruction


Neocement® is an hydroxyapatite cement composed of a solid phase (Tetracalcium Phosphate and Tricalcium Phosphate), a liquid phase (apyrogenic water solution of citric acid and glucose) and a powder (chitosan). The three components are mixed to form a paste that sets in a few minutes. It can be molded in the desired shape and applied directly in the bone defect.
Neocement® is presented in a package with three flasks, one for each component (solid phase, liquid phase and chtitosan).

Key Facts:

Bone reconstruction
Can be molded into desired shapes
Low exotermic setting temperature


Brochura Neocement

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