Manufacturer: Ceramed

Approach: Anterior, Posterior

Product type: Biomaterial

Material: Chitosan; Hidroxyapatite

Conditions: Spinal stenosis - Degenerative disease - Trauma - Spine instability

Anatomical regions: Cervical - Thoracic - Lumbar - Sacral

Procedures: Interbody fusion


k-IBS® is an injectable bone substitute composed of Calcium Phosphate spherical-like granules in a polymeric matrix based on chitosan. k-IBS® is a totally resorbable injectable gel, easy to apply and mold into the bone defect.
More info at: Ceramed Website

Key Facts:

Spinal surgery cages filling
Easy to apply
Promotes implant stability
Biocompatible and Biodegradable


Folder: k-IBS

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