Jazz Frame

Manufacturer: Implanet

Approach: Posterior

Material: Titanium

Conditions: Scoliosis - Spine deformities

Anatomical regions: Thoracic - Lumbar

Procedures: Arthrodesis - Deformity correction


Jazz Frame T-Bar implants associated to the sublaminar Jazz Band solution are used to create an extremely rigid frame which is sufficient to obtain a postero-medial translation necessary in the scoliosis treatment. This translation is impossible to obtain with screws.
The rigidity of the frame and the tensioned sublaminar Jazz Bands connected to it, respect the sagittal curve and the frontal alignment determined by the physician. This construct realizes, automatically, most of or all the derotation given to the spine.

Key Facts:

Allows significant reductions of:
  • Operating time
  • Blood loss
  • Number of implants required

Jazz Frame


Flyer: Jazz Plataform

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