InterFuse S

Manufacturer: VTI

Approach: Posterior

Product type: Cage

Material: PEEK-Optima®

Conditions: Herniated disc - Spondylolisthesis - Degenerative disease - Degenerative disc disease - Spinal stenosis - Foraminal stenosis - Spinal stenosis

Anatomical regions: Lumbar

Procedures: Arthrodesis - Interbody fusion - Minimally invasive surgery


The InterFuse S™ is an implant that combines the large vertebral endplate contact area characteristic of many ALIF devices with the ability for implantation through a less invasive surgical approach.
The interlocking design provides the necessary structural support and endplate contact area while the open caudal and cephalad spaces accommodate new bone growth and fusion.
The unique rail-and-slot design using stainless steel tails assures proper placement and alignment of each segment. The InterFuse S allows for the use of as few as three to as many as six segments to provide the best fit possible for each individual patient.

Key Facts:

  • ALIF footprint
  • Posterior approach
  • Minimally invasive

InterFuse S™ Insertion Technique


Folder: InterFuse S™

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