Manufacturer: Vexim

Approach: Posterior

Product type: Biomaterials

Conditions: Spinal fractures

Anatomical regions: Thoracic - Lumbar

Procedures: Kyphoplasty - Vertebroplasty


With only 29,5% of PMMA, Interface® Bone Fixation Composite is a proprietary formulation combining the lowest percentage of PMMA available in the market while keeping the mechanical properties of the high viscosity Cohesion® Bone Cement.
The Interface® Bone Fixation Composite with 50% osteoconductive Hydroxyapatite (HA) crystalshape particles provides a surface with a composition very similar to bone making making osteointegration possible.

Key Facts:

  • Safe and reproducible strong primary fixation
  • Strong long term osteointegration
  • Sustained high viscosity
  • Long working time
  • Excellent radio-opacity

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