iFuse 3D

Manufacturer: SI-BONE

Approach: Lateral

Product type: Implant

Conditions: Sacroiliac joint dysfunction - Low back pain

Anatomical regions: Sacral

Procedures: Arthrodesis - Sacroiliac joint fusion


The iFuse-3D™ Implant is created with the latest proprietary 3D printing technology. The surface mimics native cancellous bone and uses self-harvesting technology. At the discretion of the surgeon, the implant may be packed with allograft or autograft prior to insertion.

Key Facts:

Minimally invasive surgical approach is less invasive than traditional SI joint surgery
Triangular implant profile minimizes rotation
Designed specifically to stabilize and fuse the heavily loaded SI joint
No conflicts with lumbar fusion devices

SI-BONE iFuse 3d Implant


Folder: Uma abordagem minimamente invasiva no tratamento das disfunções da articulação Sacroilíaca (SI)

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