Manufacturer: Ulrich Medical

Approach: Posterior

Product type: Dynamic screws;Posterior fixation system

Conditions: Spinal fractures - Degenerative disease

Anatomical regions: Thoracic - Lumbar

Procedures: Dynamic stabilization - Posterior stabilization - Minimally invasive surgery


cosmicMIA™ is an implant system for operative posterior stabilization and fixation of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine.

With degenerative spine diseases without significant substance defects of the anterior column and without the necessity for correction, it is also possible to apply the non-fusion technique.

With long stabilizations, the stress inside the section of the instrumentation increases. Therefore the instrumentation is limited to three segments for the non-fusion technique.

Key Facts:

  • Bonit® coating

  • Non-fusion technique

  • Safety and performance


Folder: cosmicMIA

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