SPPCV - Portuguese Society for Spine Pathology and GEER - Spanish Society for the Study of Rachis held the 4th Edition of the Iberian Course of the Eurospine European Spine Diploma.

The event was divided into 6 modules, Module 1 - "Basic Comprehensive Course", Module 2 - "Degenerative Diseases of Spine", Module 3 - "Spinal Deformities", Module 4 - "Trauma", Module 5 - "Tumours & Inflammatory Disease of the Spine” and Module 6 – “Using Literature to inform my Practice”, held in Lisbon and Madrid.

Module 2 of the event- “Degenerative Diseases of Spine”, included the practical part of the course, with the presence of 6 cadavers for the training of cervical, lumbar and sacroiliac fixation procedures, LLIF and TLIF, under the co-chairment of Dr. Carla Reizinho and Dr. Antonio Martín Benlloch.

As honorary members of the Portuguese Society of Spine Pathology, we could not fail to be present at the event and to display our Ulrich Medical products.

We would like to present our special thanks to SPPCV and Ulrich Medical.